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Doki Doki Literature Club! — компьютерная игра в жанре визуальной новеллы, разработанная и выпущенная американской командой разработчиков Team Salvato для персональных компьютеров на операционных системах Windows, macOS и Linux 22 сентября 2017 года. Первоначально визуальная новелла распространялась через сервис, а позже, с 6 октября, стала доступна и на платформе цифровой дистрибуции Steam.
Сюжет игры разворачивается вокруг истории ученика, присоединившегося к школьному литературному клубу, и его взаимодействия с девушками-участницами этого коллектива. В отличие от других представителей жанра, Doki Doki Literature Club! предполагает интенсивное использование техники разрушения четвёртой стены.
Игра получила преимущественно положительные отзывы от рецензентов, отмечавших удачное использование создателями элементов хоррора и нестандартные шаги по внесению разнообразия в игровой процесс. Doki Doki Literature Club! неоднократно подвергалась критике за предполагаемое влияние на случаи самоубийств среди подростков.
Расширенная версия игры Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! была выпущена для Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S и Windows 30 июня 2021 года.

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    PDF Musical Encounters with Deleuze and Guattari Jan 12 2017

    Description: This is the first volume to mobilize encounters between the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari and the rich developments in cultural studies of music and sound. The book takes seriously the intellectual and political challenge that the process philosophy of Deleuze and...
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    PDF Brazilian Research on Creativity Development in Musical Interaction 8 juin 2021

    Brazilian Research on Creativity Development in Musical Interaction focuses on creativity that involves interactive musical activities, with different groups, such as professional musicians, students, and student teachers. It seeks to present research with a theoretical foundation on musical...
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    PDF God in Sound and Silence: Music as Theology June 22, 2018

    Music, by its indeterminate levels of meaning, poses a necessary challenge to a theology bound up in words. Its distinctive nature as temporal and embodied allows a unique point of access to theological understanding. Yet music does not exist in a cultural vacuum, conveying universal truths, but...
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    PDF The Book of Music and Nature. An Anthology of Sounds, Words, Thoughts Second edition 2009

    This innovative book, assembled by the editors of the renowned periodical Terra Nova, is the first anthology published on the subject of music and nature. Lush and evocative, yoking together the simplicities and complexities of the world of natural sound and the music inspired by it, this...
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    PDF The Perfect Sound: A Memoir in Stereo 22 February 2022

    Preludio From here in my stereo room, in my day basement ten steps down from my entry hallway, much can seem perfect if I close my eyes and just listen. I’ve all my gear arranged in front of me, across the immaculate, midnight-blue Chinese carpet and against the acoustic-paneled wall opposite...
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    PDF From Data to Decisions in Music Education Research 1st Edition

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    PDF The Cognitive Continuum of Electronic Music 1st Bloomsbury Academic

    Description The electronic medium allows any audible sound to be contextualized as music. This brings about unique structural possibilities as spectrum, dynamics, space, and time become continuous dimensions of musical articulation. What we hear in electronic music ventures beyond what we...
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    PDF Introduction to Digital Music with Python Programming: Learning Music with Code © 2022 Michael S. Horn, Melanie West

    Introduction to Digital Music with Python provides a foundation in music and code for the beginner and shows how coding empowers new forms of creative expression while simplifying and automating many of the tedious aspects of production and composition.With the help of online, interactive...
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    PDF Values and Music Education © 2021 by Estelle R. Jorgensen

    What values should form the foundation of music education? And once we decide on those values, how do we ensure we are acting on them?In Values and Music Education, esteemed author Estelle R. Jorgensen explores how values apply to the practice of music education. We may declare values, but...
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    PDF Master Handbook of Acoustics, Seventh Edition 7th Edition

    The industry standard guide to room acoustics―fully updated with the latest advancesBased on the classic text written by acoustics pioneer F. Alton Everest, this revised resource presents the fundamentals of acoustics along with time-tested solutions and detailed room designs. Master Handbook...
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    A Must Have For Every Guitar Player! This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new arpeggios and shapes to enhance your playing.Starting from the most basic triad arpeggios to the more advanced extended arpeggios such as ninths, elevenths and thirteenths, this...
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    PDF Worship Sound Spaces First published 2020

    Christine Guillebaud, a social anthropologist and an ethnomusicologist, is a Research Fellow at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS). She belongs to the Research Centre for Ethnomusicology (CREM-LESC), located at the University of Paris Nanterre. Her academic interests...
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    PDF Teaching the Whole Musician: A Guide to Wellness in the Applied Studio Oxford University Press 2021

    In Teaching the Whole Musician: A Guide to Wellness in the Applied Studio, author Paola Savvidou empowers applied music instructors to honor and support their students' wellness through compassion-filled conversation tools, hands-on activities for injury prevention, mental health protection, and...
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    PDF Classical Music For Dummies, 3rd Edition Copyright © 2022 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    DESCRIPTION Classical music was never meant to be an art for snobs! In the 1700s and 1800s, classical music was popular music. People went to concerts with their friends, they brought snacks and drinks, and cheered right in the middle of the concert. Well, guess what? Three hundred years later...
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    PDF Fender 75 Years 28 septembre 2021

    Ubiquitous in the music world, Fender® guitars and amplifiers are also icons in popular culture, their shapes and sounds instantly recognizable. Authoritatively written and lavishly illustrated, Fender 75 Years is the officially licensed anniversary celebration of the company and its legendary...
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    PDF Guitar Theory For Dummies with Online Practice, 2nd Edition Copyright © 2022 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

    DESCRIPTION Make your guitar sing with insight on music theory brings your instrument to life There’s a universe of incredible music living in your guitar. You just need to discover how to let it out. In Guitar Theory For Dummies, expert guitarist and instructor Desi Serna walks you through the...
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    PDF Music: The Business, 8th Edition English Edition

    This essential and highly acclaimed guide, now updated and revised in its eighth edition, explains the business of the British music industry.Drawing on her extensive experience as a media lawyer, Ann Harrison offers a unique, expert opinion on the deals, the contracts and the business as a...
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    PDF Turn the Beat Around: The Secret History of Disco by Peter Shapiro ISBN 9780571359820

    Disco emerged from the fall-out of the Black Power Movement and an almost exclusively gay scene in a blaze of poppers, strobe lights, tight trousers, hysterical diva vocals and synthesized beats in the late sixties. As a genre, disco radically re-defined the sensibility of the seventies to the...