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The Ultimate Guitar Arpeggio Book A Must Have For Every Guitar Player + Learn over 165 useful

PDF The Ultimate Guitar Arpeggio Book A Must Have For Every Guitar Player + Learn over 165 useful Copyright © 2020 Karl Golden

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  1. Karl Golden
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A Must Have For Every Guitar Player!​

This book can be used as a learning, reference or practice tool to explore new arpeggios and shapes to enhance your playing.

Starting from the most basic triad arpeggios to the more advanced extended arpeggios such as ninths, elevenths and thirteenths, this book uses the CAGED system to help you play all the possible shapes over the fretboard. All the shapes in this book are movable to any key you desire. There are over 165 arpeggio shapes that can be moved to any of the 12 keys creating over 1,980 possibilities! There is also more than 90 exercises to help you practice and learn the shapes, incorporating ideas such as sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping and tapping. This book also looks at ways of playing horizontally, vertically and diagonally across the fretboard.

Put together by musician Karl Golden, who has been playing guitar professionally for over 10 years and is now a big influencer in the YouTuber community, with well over 50 million views on his content.

Over 165 Movable Arpeggio Shapes​

This book contains over 165 useful arepggio shapes and that's just for one key! Moving these shapes to all twelve keys creates over 1,980 arpeggio shapes! Using the CAGED system every arpeggio family has five recommended shapes that connect accross the whole fetboard.

Over 90 Exercises To Help You Practice​

This book has over 90 practice ideas to help you learn and practice the different arpeggio shapes.

Sweep Picking Ideas​

This book has lots of sweep picking shape recommendations as well as exercises to help you.

String Skipping Ideas​

There are lots of ways to approach arpeggios other than sweep picking and string skipping is one of them! There is lots of string-skipping exercises you can apply to the shapes.

Tapping & Legato Ideas​

Other more challenging exercises that incoporate tapping and legato ideas are also in this book.

Over 22 Types Of Arpeggios​

  • Major Triad Arpeggios
  • Minor Triad Arpeggios
  • Diminished Triad Arpeggios
  • Augmented Triad Arpeggios
  • Major Sixth Arpeggios
  • Minor Sixth Arpeggios
  • Major Seventh Arpeggios
  • Minor Seventh Arpeggios
  • Half-Diminished Arpeggios
  • Fully-Diminished Arpeggios
  • Minor Major Seventh Arpeggios
  • Major Ninth Arpeggios
  • Minor Ninth Arpeggios
  • Dominant Ninth Arpeggios
  • Major Eleventh Arpeggios
  • Minor Eleventh Arpeggios
  • Dominant Eleventh Arpeggios
  • Major Thirteenth Arpeggios
  • Minor Thirteenth Arpeggios
  • Dominant Thirteenth Arpeggios
  • Major Seven Flat Five Arpeggios
  • Major Seven Sharp Five Arpeggios

As with all the books in The Ultimate Guitar Series, I wanted to create a bible of useful shapes that will help you unlock the fretboard. With this book we are looking at arpeggio shapes, starting from the most basic triad arpeggios to the more advanced extended arpeggios such as ninths, elevenths and thirteenths. So many arpeggio books I have read in the past have hundreds of unnecessary shapes that are just repeated in every key. This can be confusing and make players think they have a massive volume of arpeggio shapes to learn, which they don’t.

Over my 20 years of playing guitar I have found that it is better to learn arpeggio shapes in one key that can then be moved anywhere on the fretboard, which is why I have heavily focused on the CAGED arpeggio shapes in this book. Don’t feel like you have to learn them all, learn what you need to help improve your playing. Also, don’t worry too much if you do not understand what the CAGED system is, I will give you a basic overview of it in this book. The most important thing to remember is where the root note is, then you can move whatever arpeggio shape you are learning to that position on the fretboard. Easy as pie!

In my teenage years I only associated arpeggios with sweep picking, I thought that was the hardest technique to learn on guitar, which to an extent is true if you want to play super-fast over all six strings and accurately! However, over the years I have discovered lots of other techniques and tricks to play arpeggios, not only in my improvising but also in my song-writing. I massively over looked the power of using arpeggios in my playing for years, which was a big mistake as they are so useful when improvising and following chords. You can’t go wrong with an arpeggio as it follows all the notes in the chord. It is essentially a broken chord with each note being played separately rather than all together, meaning that each note will sound great when you improvise over that respective chord.

I have created lots of practice ideas in this book that incorporate a range of techniques such as alternate picking, legato, string skipping, tapping and sweep picking, to help you to play the different arpeggio shapes horizontally, vertically and even diagonally. With these different techniques I will show you how to play arpeggios on every combination of strings - including just one string patterns with the magic of tapping! With each pattern in this book I will demonstrate how to practice, whether it is using alternate picking or sweep picking.

To get the most from this book I highly recommend you learn where each note is on the fretboard, or at the very least on the low strings E, A and D. There is a full chart of every note of the fretboard in this book to help you. Learning all the notes on the neck will allow you to quickly identify the root note and move the arpeggio shape to that position. Every arpeggio shape in this book will show the root notes with a white circle and you will notice that all the arpeggio shapes are connected over the whole fretboard.

I hope you find this book as useful for your guitar playing as I have in making it and don’t forget to check out www.karlgolden.org/ultimateguitarseries for free downloads to help you with this book.
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