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Robust and Secured Digital Audio Watermarking: Using a DWT-SVD-DSSS Hybrid Approach

PDF Robust and Secured Digital Audio Watermarking: Using a DWT-SVD-DSSS Hybrid Approach 1st ed. 2021 Edition

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  1. Krunal N. Patel
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This book discusses digital audio watermarking copyright assurance. The author first outlines the topic of watermarking data that can be used for copyright assurance that incorporates text messages, copyright audio, handwritten text, logo and cell phone numbers. The objective of this book is to propose a new algorithm that can embed and extract the watermarking information. The execution of the newly proposed algorithm is surveyed by testing data utilizing a group of various audio file types and against various attacks. The book also presents a new digital watermark algorithm that preserves the copyright property of the audio files. To do this, the author uses two techniques -- DWT and SVD -- with the combination of other techniques (DFT and DSSS) to enhance security and also provide high robustness and imperceptibility against various malicious attacks.

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Today, the use of digital data like image, audio, and video is tremendously increas- ing due to the advancement in technology and the Internet revolution. With these advancements, attaining one’s ownership and copyrights for this digital data is the biggest challenge. Digital watermarking is one of the technique to attain one’s ownership and copyrights securely. It is the technique in which the owner’s copy- right information can be embedded into the original media in the form of an image, audio, text, or video. There are two main factors we need to observe for digital audio watermarking to maintain the robustness as well as imperceptibility against piracy, malicious attacks, and various transformation operations. Though there are many challenges to achieve these results, there are two approaches presented for audio watermarking that are used to improve the robustness, and imperceptibility of the embedded information with security. To provide the security, DSSS Encryption and Decryption algorithm is used which is based on synchronized secret key concept along with DWT, DFT and SVD transformation methods. DWT (Discreet Wavelet Transformation) is used up to the fourth level to get the lowest frequency sub-band and after that DFT is applied to get the lowest frequency from the sub-band found by DWT in which the modifications are done, and then SVD (Singular Value Decom- position) is applied to it, so that the original audio file does not have any impact of the watermark bits to get the better robustness and imperceptibility.
Bakrol, India Krunal N. Patel


First and foremost, praises and thanks to the God, the Almighty, for His showers of blessings throughout my research work to complete the research successfully.

I forward my sincere thanks to Prof. Saurabh A. Shah and Prof. Dipti B. Shah for their valuable help during the work of this book. Their suggestions were always there whenever I needed them. As a research supervisor, they spared their valuable time for the in-depth discussion on this research work. Also, I would forward my hearty thanks to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and the department head Dr. Chirag D. Patel for providing us the computer laboratory access during our needs.

I am extremely grateful to my parents for their love, prayers, caring, and sacrifices for educating and preparing me for my future. Also, I express my thanks to my sister and brother for their support and valuable prayers.
Hearty thanks to department administrators of C U SHAH University, for their kind cooperation and providing us with necessary software whenever we asked for it.

Finally, I would like to thank all the people who were helpful to me, whether directly or indirectly for the completion of this research work.

Patel Krunalkumar N.
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