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Times Higher Education (THE), ранее Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) — еженедельный журнал, специализирующийся на новостях и других вопросах высшего образования. Редакция находится в Лондоне.

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    PDF From Data to Decisions in Music Education Research 1st Edition

    From Data to Decisions in Music Education Research provides a structured and hands-on approach to working with empirical data in the context of music education research. Using step-by-step tutorials with in-depth examples of music education data and research questions, this text draws upon...
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    PDF Values and Music Education © 2021 by Estelle R. Jorgensen

    What values should form the foundation of music education? And once we decide on those values, how do we ensure we are acting on them?In Values and Music Education, esteemed author Estelle R. Jorgensen explores how values apply to the practice of music education. We may declare values, but...