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Nature Methods — научный журнал, издаваемый Nature Publishing Group с 2004 года, в котором публикуются последние достижений технологий для наук о живых системах.
В 2012 году журнал обладал импакт-фактором 23,565.

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    PDF Insights into Music Composition 1st Edition

    Insights into Music Composition is a guide and source of inspiration for beginning students of music composition. Drawing on perspectives from a range of experienced composers, the book introduces readers to the compositional process, emphasizing how to think about creating a piece of music from...
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    PDF Studying Congregational Music: Key Issues, Methods, and Theoretical Perspectives First published 2021

    Studying Congregational MusicStudying the role of music within religious congregations has become an increasingly complex exercise. The significant variations in musical style and content between different congregations require an interdisciplinary methodology that enables an accurate...